written and performed by David Fennario

Fennario's War

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World War One

Download: War Story music by Bruce Cobb

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Outawork Films

division Groupe Leclaire Group GLG Inc.

Alec G. MacLeod
Yurij Luhovy
Sally Nelson
Réné Sioui Labelle

Original Music
Bruce Cobb
Additional Music, Sound Mix & Re-recording
Daniel Ste-Marie
Archives Researcher
Alec G. MacLeod
Charles Spencer (Charlie) Chaplin
Public Archives of Canada
Open Source

Script and Continuity
Patrick Barnard
Hyman Glustein
Alec G. MacLeod

Hyman Glustein
Patrick Barnard

Special Thanks to
Lillian Fox
Peter Deslauriers
Sally Nelson



Second Unit Location
Studio Victor, Montreal
Fessenden's Follies Cast
Barry O'Connell as "Elementry" Yates
Sibel Ataogul
Alison Rockbrand
Scott Kettles
Francis Pellerin
Matt Jones
George Mouggias

Second Unit Cameras
Manuel A. Codina
Kathleen Glustein

Second Unit Line Production
Alain Bessette, Gaspacho Films Inc
Second Unit Sound
Gaetan Pilon

Our appreciation to
Boyce Richardson
Ronald H. Blumer
Mark Zannis
Laszlo Barna
Daniel Louis