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Conversations #1 Available (Pilot)

Former Grand Chief Ted Moses on facing changes in Cree life

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Conversations #2 Now Available

Reginald Fessenden, Inventor of Radio, as seen by Dr. John Belrose

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Fessenden's Follies

a one-hour radio play on the inventor of radio

Dramatic Production Now Available

Inventor of Radio, Reginald Fessenden and his crew at Brant Rock, Mass., 1906

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Former Cree Grand Chief Ted Moses Featured on Radio Interview
Program Explores Changes in Northern Quebec

In his first interview in three years, former northern Quebec Cree Grand Chief Ted Moses said that James Bay land will be critical to both the future of northern Quebec economy and the Cree way of life.

"You cannot go on forever in opposing," said Moses. "The Cree people now have the ability to do more. We have the recognition and we have the tools for economic development, to address the social and economic issues in our daily lives."

Moses served as three term Cree Grand Chief and also, internationally, as Ambassador of the Cree Nation to the United Nations during the 1980s and 1990s. He participated in the creation of the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, recently approved nearly-unanimously by the General Assembly of the UN. The Resolution was opposed by only four countries including the Harper government of Canada.



About Canadian Inventor of Radio Reginald Fessenden, An Interview with Dr. Jack Belrose

Too many people repeat the myth. Wasn't radio invented by Marconi? Canada's most important researcher, Dr. John (Jack) Belrose explains why Canadians don't know more about this remarkable Canadian innovator.

Reginald Fessenden became radio's first voice in Christmas 1906 when he broadcast from a makeshift studio in Brant Rock, just outside Boston, a program of Christmas messages and spiritual music to ships at sea.

Fessenden worked with some of the greatest men in history such as Tesla, Edison, Westinghouse, Carnege, J.P. Morgan and the list goes on. Sadly the Canadian government ignored Fessenden’s brilliance and he moved to United States and abroad for a great part of his life to pursue his work but his roots always brought him back to Chippawa. He invented microfische, tracer bullets, depth sounding (sonar), paging, television, turbo electric drive for ships, and so much more.He was also the Chief Engineer for the Toronto Power House at the foot of Niagara Falls which was the largest Hydro undertaking on the globe back in 1903.


Produced by Hyman Glustein and Patrick Barnard for community broadcasters across Canada, Conversations is a discussion on issues and identity as well as social and political concerns.

Note to radio stations
This 30-minute program has an allocation at 15 minutes for a station ID. It can be read by your station announcer as a voice over (from 15:00-15:42). An instrumental background is provided.

The Producers

Patrick Barnard

Producer Patrick Barnard is a journalist who came to Montreal from New York in 1967. At the present time, he teaches English Literature at Dawson College.

He has spent more than half of his professional life as a radio journalist for CBC, Radio Netherlands, and WBAI in New York. His commentaries on global politics -- "The International Press Review" --ran for six years on CBC Radio's local Montreal morning show. In the print media, he has published free-lance articles for a number of journals including The Nation, Commonweal, New York Newsday, and The Gazette in Montreal. His Pimento Reports videos have been widely acclaimed.

In 1980 Patrick published a translation of the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, The Language of Silent Things. He has appeared in Manufacturing Consent, a film that showcases how government and big media businesses cooperate to produce an effective propaganda machine.


Hyman Glustein

Producer Hyman Glustein is broadcaster who has worked with many urban and small rural community broadcast and telecom operations. He has trained staff and managed operations for high-speed Internet, 2-way cable television, FM radio, and publishing in English, French and Native languages; he has taught technology, trained technicians and assisted councils in presentations, applications and communications strategies. He is President of RTS Canada, a communications service firm.

His past projects included broadband telecommunications service in the Eeyou Istchee (Ungava and James Bay) region of Quebec, producing the radio production of Fessenden's Follies on the invention of radio for 50 stations, setting up over fifteen new local FM stations across northern Quebec, training CBC Northern Services staff in journalism and his first love, creating community radio, a task he first undertook in Montreal back in 1971 by developing CINQ/FM, Canada's first urban non-commercial FM community radio station.

He has also researched and written for the National Film Board of Canada (1996-2001), edited at This Week In Business, The Montreal Business Report and was editor-in-chief at Logos, a Montreal very-independent newspaper. His freelance work included Reuters, The Economist, Rolls-Royce, Canadian Consumer, Industry Canada, Publications Les Affaires, CFCF, Concordia University, Canadian National and various broadcasters in Canada.