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Groupe Leclaire GLG Inc.


Paul Leclaire

Paul Leclaire is a software specialist -- a skillful manager specializing in technical support, product promotion and technical support. His experience includes consolidating alliances with key partners; analyzing and recommending new technologies in a competitive market; writing technical concepts for training; implementing projects and technical products; and supervising work teams in administration.

He has a wide background in IT Security products from major manufacturers and an exceptional knowledge of Intel Hardware Architecture, DOS, Windows of all versions, OS/2, Linux, development software and all the usual office software products sold as networking environments, protocols, web services, etc.

In the past, he has developed Database Systems in SQL and Access, planned preventive maintenance programs, and managed industrial construction projects.

As an entrepreneur, he consults on management of Information Systems for small businesses, including design, implementation and user support, server maintenance, communication needs and security; troubleshooting and support for many different and specific applications.

As a Manager of Information Systems, he provides small businesses who cannot justify a full-time position the support they require.

In the past has has held management positions at large- and medium-sized technology firms and is a graduate in Business Administration at UQAM and in Electro-technique from Teccart Institute.